Lounge Control® by Virtual Racing Lounge is a web-based application to control the simulation, optimize workflows and activate competition in a sim-center or „simcade“. With the experience of 5+ years in our own sim-center and with the feedback from our customers and partners, we created a rock solid solution to make daily life easier for operators around the globe and ensure a high quality experience for the customer.

Our Philosophy

Lounge Control perfectly manages daily tasks in a sim-center or "simcade" and supports the operator in many ways. LC is also the connecting element between your business and the customer. With multi-servers, leaderboards and our unique „Driver Performance Index“ (DPI), we successfully activate the „competition-gene“ of your customers. Permanent improvement on the leaderboard and DPI serve as a brilliant motivator to spend more time in the simulator. Our "Global Grid" service takes competition to a completely new level.
On top, Lounge Control customers benefit from events and competitions between our partners and customers (sprint and endurance races between centers, hotlap-competitions etc.).

Core modules

Leaderboard : all car classes, all tracks, mod support, hotlap challenge mode etc. || Customer/Driver : duplicate check, unique driver identification, registration, terms of service || Control : manage cars, tracks, customers, servers, registration process etc. || Remote : full bi-directional remote control for simulators (soft- and hardware, D-BOX compatible) || Reporting : built-in reporting tool || QuickRace (configurable) || Core : server and database, fault tolerant, individual updates, multi-platform || "iAST" : automated session timing (start & stop manual, start & stop automated, "event mode", alert) || "PM" : the "popcorn man" feature. centralized "1-operator" control || Track and car selection for the customer via beautiful graphical interface || AC Multiserver : create as many servers as needed on a single physical server || "Lapper" (save and send) : fault tolerant data collection plugin on the simulator || local and online-server management || "the brick" : dedicated remote control hardware panel for maximum operator comfort || easy-to-use modular update tool || global grid - realtime leaderboards and competition around the globe

...and so so much more. See it LIVE !

Why we’re different

Since 2017, the "Virtual Racing Lounge" successfully operates in Böblingen (near Stuttgart, south of Germany). Lounge Control is the answer to the many daily challenges of simcenter operations. But LC2 is not about adding all features we could possibly think of - it is about creating a tailored workflow solution with features that operators need - including reporting. For the sim-center customers, LC2 helps creating a high quality experience that's being rewarded by their position on the leaderboard and we all know - its about the competition !
LC2 is a modern, touchscreen capable solution with unique features. It focuses on the daily core tasks and intelligently integrates 3rd party services and features. We do, what we do best. As a result, LC2 is very fast to install, easy to update with our dedicated update tool, fast and reliable, fault tolerant and quick to learn. We put a lot of effort in a robust, reliable technology platform including license management and individual updates for every module of the software package. As an extra, LC2 is fully operable in an offline setting (e.g. external events, booths, outdoor....). By 2023, LC is available in many locations and race tracks around the world such as the Nürburgring and Silverstone.

VRL is official software partner of D-BOX

Built-in D-BOX integration

Wait, there is more …

Driver Performance Index

There is no way to discribe the magic of competition – so we decided to calculate it and we call it the „Driver Performance Index“ (DPI). DPI is unique and is deeply integrated in the LC2 core programming. We are happy to show it to you LIVE in person in one of our partner locations around Europe, in Canada or on a zoom call.

And with VRL „Global Grid“ we take it even one step further….

Global Grid

we are taking competition to the next level. With GLOBAL GRID, real-time competition around the globe has become reality in a way you have never seen it before.

See it LIVE …

at the flagship Lounge in Böblingen (Germany) or in one of the many installations around the globe (e.g. Germany, Switzerland, France, Canada, United States)

Last but not least …

VRL has so much more to offer than just software : knowledge and experience.

The „Virtual Racing Lounge“ sim-center is successfully operating since 2017. All of our customers benefit from our huge experience in all sectors of sim-racing. Besides our sim-center and event business, VRL ….

  • … has its own online shop and walk-in store, the „Virtual Racing Store“
  • … is distributor of some of the biggest brands in sim-racing (D-BOX, Heusinkveld, Simucube, Cube Controls, SPARCO, rSEAT…)
  • … is manufacturer of static and motion simulators „Made in Germany“.
  • … is specialized in car and track liverys (individual branding) and individual car development
  • … has 2 racing teams with over 30 drivers (customers and pro-racers)
  • … has its own server infrastructure for online racing and global services
  • … has its own professional streaming studio
  • … is the creator of „Lounge Control“, the premium solution for operating sim-center and „simcades“

All our experience is part of your project, too. And of course, we also offer a full package with software, hardware (simulators, PCs …) and services.

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